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Why Backman Editing?

  • Avoid Writer's Block

  • Tell your story clearly

  • Expert Support: Never give up

  • Guiding your path toward publication

  • Privacy

  • Shape your story:  Clarity of structure

  • Overwriting  vs.  Economy

  • Typos and grammatical errors

  • Spelling and word choices

  • Punctuation

  • Style

  • Clarity and flow of narrative 

  • Sentence structure

George Backmen Editing Santa Barbara

About George Backman

I have been passionate about working with words all my life, and my experiences with them have been so strong that they have pulled me in directions that I scarcely thought possible.

For a decade, I taught on the language faculty of The New School for Social Research in New York City, working with academicians and graduate students on their complex writing projects, often to do with the development and spread of the Indo-European languages.

I hope to read your novel, your short story, your academic paper, or your collection of essays. I can assure you that we’ll have an exciting adventure together and that all the finished writing will be your own, on its way toward publication.

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